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Updated: May 26, 2020

What's the best thing since sliced bread? GLTT Zoom Dance Floors, that's what!

We're all missing that connection you get on a dance floor right? That feeling you get when you look around and see your mates and the gurning bass faced strangers, who are all enjoying it as much as you are.

Well, 2 weeks ago Zoe and I put on a private party for our GLTT ladies and we messed about using Zoom as a 'dance floor'. It was the closest many of us have got to recreating that connected feeling since lockdown.

In fact, the feedback we got “best night since lockdown” “I actually feel like I’ve been out clubbing” “the most fun ever” and GLTTs Boss Lady and Director of Mischiefs mostest favourite “arrgghhhh I’m so fuuuuckeed……”, apparently our dancefloors are dangerous [proud], has been amazing.

I got to dance at Fold again!

So this weekend we managed to talk our lovely friends at Sonance into taking a bit of a gamble on us and we set up a dance floor for them for their Lockdown event! We opened the event to anyone, including: pet, parents, siblings, grandparents, but you know, not weird Uncle Dave...

It took a certain amount of management, getting people on the floor and explaining how the system works. We also ended up being quite hardline on people, nagging them to turn their cameras on and sadly even had to turn a couple of friends away who didn’t want to be on screen. This may sound harsh, and we felt terrible but I think it was the best decision we made, we are all in this together, we wanted to create the feeling of connection as much as possible, they didn’t need to dance much or even be on screen all the time, some people were jumping around like fools, others simply sitting and head-nodding but the dance floor shouldn’t be a voyeuristic or vulnerable feeling experience, it should be an inclusive one, and this really helped to hold onto that.

Sunset raving! Credit: Paul T

There were a few niggles and our use of the breakout/chillout rooms needs some fine-tuning, but overall, Boss Lady and I had a blast doing it and everyone that attended seemed to totally ‘get it’!

It was so much fun to see things develop naturally within the group, the use of paper and thick black pen, for example, to hold up signs saying 'hello XXX' as people signed in, or 'TUNE!!!' or 'CUTE CAT' and most dangerously of all 'SHOTS ANYONE?' a sign that got held up more and more as the evening wore on, to the point where I may need to laminate my 'shots' sign before next time as it was in bits by the end.

There definitely will be more GLTT Zoom dancefloors, and we would love to see some of you there, the amazing thing about it, is it’s open to everyone from anywhere in the world, we had ladies getting down in Scotland and a guy havin' it in Cairo!

A truly international dance floor! Amazing!!

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